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Give Lively

Helping Nonprofits Raise More with Innovative Tech

Give Lively Product Adoption and Community Engagement Strategy

Give Lively, a philanthropist-funded Tech-For-Good initiative builds better fundraising tech and gives it away for free. Their products drastically improve the online giving experience and help nonprofits raise more for their causes. In a Director role that straddled Marketing and Business Development, I worked with internal and external stakeholders to raise awareness of our innovative solutions and engage the nonprofit community.

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The Approach

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Step 1

Engage a Nonprofit Audience

Partnership with

Give Lively partnered with DoSomething to power their live and digital fundraising for their annual gala. In order to establish trust with other high-impact nonprofits, I teamed up with DoSomething in a content partnership to tell the story of how Give Lively's tech helped fuel their mission-critical work.

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Step 2 

Product education built to scale 

Redesign of Nonprofit partner onboarding series

With nonprofit partner numbers growing exponentially, we developed numerous scalable materials, toolkits, and resources to help mission-driven organizations onboard effectively and start fundraising for their missions immediately.

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Step 3
Ensure Nonprofit Partner Success

Content strategy to engage and educate partners

I led direct-desponse marketing strategies and developed a calendar of content, including nonprofit success stories, tips, and best practices, product updates, thoughtleadership, and product releases to ensure fundraising success among nonprofit partners.

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