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Hi, I'm Molly.

With over a decade of experience in corporate social impact, I am passionate about creating powerful programs, partnerships, and products for good. My work bridges the gap between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, leveraging technology and innovation to inspire change. A proud generalist with roots in marketing campaigns, my experience spans, digital fundraising tech and CSR partnerships in the US and abroad.


I am currently the Vice President of Social Impact at ShoppingGives where I drive Social Impact strategy and Partnerships around innovative solutions that enable brands and nonprofits to partner for more meaningful impact.


I have delivered impactful results to nonprofit and corporate partners, like Feeding America, Heifer International, Malala Fund, 

Kenneth Cole, Pfizer, and PayPal. My words and work have been featured in Forbes, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and NBC. I sit on the Editorial Advisory Board of Nonprofit PRO, and the Outreach and Engagement Committee of the Star Island Corporation.


In addition to a passion for climate action, racial justice, and reproductive health access, I am a published photographer, and an occasional salsa dancer. I love my pups Jasper and Sedona with the fire of a thousand suns. 

Here's some juicy gossip about working with me

"The first thing that struck me about Molly was her glowing personality. Her approachable and disarming ways made me feel not only comfortable during my interview but excited for the opportunity to get to work with her as well. In my role as Product Manager at Good Deeds, Molly was one of my key stakeholders, and I can't say enough good things about the succinct, professional, and friendly way she shared her input and requests. She was patient, empathic, and understanding while at the same time carrying the integrity that pushed us to get stuff done. I look forward to working with Molly again someday, and if you have the opportunity to meet her, don't hesitate!"


Carl Horned

Product Manager, good Deeds
Formerly Spotify

"Molly is a STELLAR leader that understands how to navigate inter-business relationships to best benefit both parties while making it look effortless. She's not afraid to ask the hard questions, is patient with team communication, and maintains focus under pressure. She networked with countless organizations while we worked together, deepening our business/non-profit connections to the result of millions of impressions of exposure. She'd be an asset to any team, and I wish I'd gotten to work with her longer."


April Apigarelli

Director of Brand Partnerships, Good Deeds

"Molly and I work together at Give Lively, where she drives a variety of marketing initiatives, including content marketing, strategic partnerships, events, and community engagement initiatives. Molly exemplifies the type of methodical, diligent, and thorough work ethic that can succeed at anything. She is on a tremendous growth path and eagerly takes on ever-evolving responsibilities with a self-directed, entrepreneurial mindset. Most recently, Molly has been developing partnerships with national media and nonprofit organizations, elevating our brand and increasing awareness of our mission. Molly is an asset, and would be to any company that seeks a multi-talented marketer with ambition, drive, and a can-do attitude."


David Deparolesa

CEO, Give Lively

"I have had the pleasure of starting at Give Lively the same day as Molly and working closely with her as she transitioned to the marketing team from her initial role as a nonprofit account manager, then into a Director of our external relations. Molly is an invaluable resource for every team at the organization, working to bridge together how marketing, business development, and engineering worked in tandem all while simultaneously elevating our brand awareness and partnerships. Her work at Give Lively has built a foundation to our future growth. Lastly, Molly is incredibly passionate about social impact and has the experience and work ethic to get the job done. On top of this all, she does everything with a smile on her face and her positivity is infectious. Any organization would be incredibly lucky to have her as an asset on their team."


Sammy vo

Senior Nonprofit Manager, Give Lively

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